Antman And The Wasp

Antman And The Wasp

It's time to go big or go home because Antman and the Wasp have flown into theaters! Once again Marvel has produced an amazing piece of entertainment. Filled to the brim with side-splitting humour, white-knuckle action and deeply emotional moments, Antman’s second outing has lived up to the expectations set by the original.

Two years after the events of Civil War, Antman and the Wasp picks up with Scott just as he’s about to finish the two years of his house arrest. As the primary consultant for his best friend Luis’ security company, Scott is beginning to build a successful life for himself away from heroing. Things quickly change when he receives a vision of the lost Wasp, Hank Pym’s original partner. Scott quickly finds himself entangled with a rescue mission to enter the Quantum Realm to save Wasp while trying to combat their newest enemy in the form of the phase-shifting Ghost. Caught between his responsibilities as a father, his new job and his desire to protect his friends, Antman is forced to make some hard choices that could ultimately cost him everything.

The Antman movies have been right up there with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies in regards to the unique visuals on offer and Antman and the Wasp certainly provides more than its fair share of impressive vistas. There’s something about watching a building shrink to the size of a suitcase in an instant, or expand again just as quickly, that makes the brain stop for a second and just Marvel (sorry...). From exploring the psychedelic dreamscapes of the Quantum Realm to miniature car chases in San Francisco every scene is packed with something interesting to look at.

Antman and the Wasp is earning a reputation for being the funniest movie to come out of Marvel to date, and it’s clear why. Callbacks to jokes from previous movies bring back gags that resonate well with audiences while new material is injected into the film to create a fresh vibe and prevent a feeling of stagnation. Paul Rudd is really able to show off his comedic talent and his timing will leave tears in your eyes.

With this being a Marvel movie, there is guaranteed to be a post-credits scene, and Antman and the Wasp doesn’t disappoint. With two separate scenes on offer, it is important to make sure you stay until those lights flick on, as one of them has incredible implications for this and future Marvel movies. The post-credits scenes leave the team in an incredibly interesting position for their next movie so make sure to catch it. Besides, it’s worth watching purely to soak in as much Marvel goodness as you can because you can never have too much Pop Culture.

And as always, Happy Watching Everyone.


  • Katie

    Love Paul Rudd. Sounds good I liked Antman so by this review I should love V2.
    Thanks Sacha good review.

  • JD

    Saw this movie goldclass, Wicked ending!

  • Jamie

    Loved it, thanks marvel =)

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