DeadPool 2

DeadPool 2

Grab a hold of your brown pants people and strap yourselves in, Deadpool 2 has Superhero Landed in a Cinema near you! Jam packed with more action and laughs than Colossus’ industrial underoos, Deadpool 2 is set to be one of the biggest hits this year, and for one simple reason. It’s phenomenal. If you’re a fan of Marvel, Mutants or just about anything Ryan Reynolds has ever done then I would strongly recommend you find yourself in front of the Silver Screen as soon as possible!

Deadpool 2 picks up some time after the original Deadpool, with Mr Pool having built quite a name for himself in the mercenary world. After traveling the world executing horrible people in wonderful places, the red menace arrives home in time for his Anniversary. Unfortunately it quickly becomes clear to him that he isn’t the only one that gets hurt when his enemies fight back. The movie then follows Deadpool on his journey towards becoming a better man. Along the way he joins and is fired from the X-men in the same day, forms his own badass superhero team named X-force, and loses more than his fair share of fistfights with Winter Soldier Lite aka Cable.

This gem of a movie is filled with hilarious one liners, fourth wall breaks, and all the witty banter you can eat. In typical Deadpool style the language is more than colourful and a few of the jokes are a little bit on the nose but the comedic timing of the cast, and Ryan Reynolds in particular, ensures that just about every joke lands beautifully. The Cinema will be filled with you and the other patrons groaning alongside each other at the puns, laughing along at the snarky jabs and cringing as Dopinder (everyone’s favorite taxi driver) tries to prove his mettle in Deadpool’s vicious world. What is truly surprising about this movie however is the emotional depths it manages to reach. You begin to genuinely feel for each of the characters as they evolve before you. Even the small part characters seem to be living parts of the world and not just filler stuck in to pad run time. Remember to keep an ear out for the music in the background. The score itself is well put together, though largely forgettable, however one or two of the original numbers will give you a giggle if you’re paying attention.

The only real criticism for the movie from my perspective is that the CGI is a bit hit and miss. While the practical effects are amazing it is pretty clear what has been filled in with a computer and intentional or not it gave the movie a slightly unpolished look.

Now keep in mind, Deadpool has two end credit scenes and both are important for movies to come and for the future of the mutant multiverse so be sure to stick around for them. I guarantee they’re worth waiting for. But for now, get out there and see this awesome movie. And as always…

Happy watching everyone.

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