From Superhero to Monster Hunter: Henry Cavill’s New Gig


Netflix has just announced on Twitter that Henry Cavill has been locked in to play the beloved character Geralt of Rivia in the highly anticipated Witcher Netflix Original series. Back in August Henry expressed his interest in the role but we’re learning now from Lauren Hissrich, who is the showrunner for the series, that Henry Cavill has known for a long time that the role was his. According to Lauren, the Man of Steel was the first and only choice for Geralt after their meeting four months ago.
The Netflix series will be based on the original Witcher short stories by author Andrzej Sapkowski so while the games are also based on these novels, die-hard fans of the video-games may notice a few differences in some of the details. We’re very excited to see Superman throwing down with the biggest and baddest beasts on the Continent though and from all reports, Henry himself can’t wait to get into it either.
He’s even gone so far as to share unofficial (as far as we know) fan-art that reimagines the normally clean cut star as Geralt. The fan-art takes a lot of its cues from the games as opposed to the film adaptation titled The Hexer, but considering how good he looks as the older, more rugged Geralt from The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, we’re not complaining. Check out Henry’s Instagram here for the fan art.
Are you excited for the new series? Do you agree with the casting choice? Who would you choose to play alongside him? Let us know in the comments what you think.

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