Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Life finds a way, and therefore you should find a way as well to get to your local Cinema to catch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The much-hyped sequel to the well-received revival of the Jurassic Park movies has hit theatres behind two tie-in games and has its eye on a $135 million dollar debut. With a strong cast and the return of Jeff Goldblum for some interesting cameos, it looks as if Fallen Kingdom will be the centerpiece for a new franchise.

Years after the disaster at Isla Nubla and Jurassic world, the debate on Dinosaur Rights is forced to a decision. With the volcano on the island becoming extremely active once again the entire world has to decide if they have the right to save these genetic abominations, or if this is just one more act of god to wipe clean these creatures from the planet. Dragged into the operation, Owen Grady is forced to use every trick he knows to save the dinosaurs he cares so much for and ensure their safety after they’re transported off of the island. Nothing is as it seems on the surface, and lines are crossed that should not be crossed during the course of the movie but at the same time, we get answers to some of the more worrying questions posed of a world where genetic engineering is commonplace. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom touches on some deep and complex ideas and hopefully we see a deeper exploration of these issues in the future films. And make no mistake there will be future films, the ending of Fallen Kingdom all but guarantees there is still much more left to see.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom seems to have an unusual mix of CGI and practical effects that can be almost jarring at times. There are a number of scenes where the switch between practical and computer generated is as clear as night and day. While it’s clear a healthy mix of the two is required to produce a movie of this magnitude, the filmmakers may have been better served if they had stuck to a single method at certain points to avoid displaying the faults with both so distinctly.

This film diversifies its roster of characters beyond its predecessor by adding more than just an army of meatheads hell-bent on dino destruction. While the addition of a gruff female paleovetinarian and a nervous young software engineer are an interesting note to the otherwise standard action movie fare, it seems almost as if the characters are their to play their part and then fade into the background, and felt more like an afterthought to the movie than actual fleshed out characters.

Despite the minor flaws, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is an incredible piece and deserves to be seen in all its glory on the silver screen. So grab your tickets and get out there now to catch a screening. There’s more than enough Pop Culture to go around so be sure to grab your piece of it. And as always…

Happy Watching everyone!


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    Looking forward to seeing this one, this review helped me decide to see it in the cinema instead of just waiting for Netflix


    Looking forward to seeing it.

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