Solo: A Star Wars Story

Climb into that pilot seat everyone and prepare to make the jump to Hyperspace, Solo: A Star Wars Story has blasted into a Cinema near you! Let me tell you, despite all the production troubles it is absolutely worth going to see. Plagued from the start with issues from the very beginning, ranging from creative differences with the original Directors to the alleged hiring of an acting coach for the leading man, it seemed that Disney’s second Anthology movie was doomed to fail from the very start. I would like to set your mind at ease. Solo is absolutely everything it could have been. A wonderful movie from start to finish it showcases all Star Wars can be without the need for magic space wizards.


Solo: A Star Wars Story is set sometime before Rogue One, with a powerful yet corrupt Empire holding sway over most of civilised space. One such world is Corellia where Han was raised. The first act of the movie follows Han as he steals, lies and drives his way offworld. Quickly realising he has no money and no connections Han is forced to make decisions he will always regret and earns his name Solo. After joining up with a crew of smugglers and thieves our hero has to learn to curb his desire to help others and develop the callous, cocky exterior we see in A New Hope.


For those long time fans of our favourite Smuggler and his Co-Pilot, take solace in the fact that Solo: A Star Wars Story draws a lot of inspiration from the old Legends material, and from the stories we hear told of his exploits from before he was a general in the Rebel Alliance. For all the new fans coming to the movie, there is a wonderful amount of detail in an almost self contained story that makes sure you don’t need to have delved into books and comics to understand what is going on. In fact, you don’t really need to have seen any other Star Wars movie to enjoy Solo, as at its core it is just an action packed heist movie set in space.


As with all Star Wars movies the visual feast laid out before viewers in every shot is out of this world (pun fully intended). Every new planet hints at wonders still unseen and the carefully selected shots do an amazing job of bringing the story down to a personal level. Some of the most memorable musical scores from Star Wars pop up from time to time in the movie, always adding an extra level of wonder, awe or tension to the scene as well as just a touch of nostalgia. Not a single beat was missed with this film and the love and care taken to perfect it certainly shows.


As a final enticement to see the film as soon as possible there is a cameo towards the end of Solo that is undoubtedly worth seeing the whole movie just to witness. The entire cinema will gasp when it’s revealed.


So stop waiting around here, go out and grab a ticket, because life is always better when it's filled with Pop Culture. And as always…


Happy watching everyone.


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