The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2

Grab your super suits everyone and prepare to fight for the greater good! The Incredibles II has finally hit after fourteen long years and is totally worth the wait. The long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles is full to the brim with awesome superhero action, heartfelt moments and thrilling adventure. Expect to see all of your favourite characters alongside a diverse cast of new and interesting characters. Remember though, filled with nostalgia as it is, The Incredibles 2 is a children’s movie and so you shouldn’t forget to bring your own little heroes and villains along! As we all know, a family that fights crime together stays together.

The second Incredibles Movie picks up directly where the first one ends, with the rise of the Underminer. Following the aftermath of the battle, the program for protecting superheroes is shut down, forcing the family to look elsewhere to support themselves. They are soon approached by a rich businessman who longs to see Superheroes returned to their previous status. The movie then follows the exploits of Elastigirl as she crusades to make her kind legal again, as well as exploring Mr Incredible’s attempts to keep his children from falling apart. From Violet’s boy problems to the schools changing math to Jack-Jack’s emerging powers, Mr Incredible soon realises that raising his children may be his toughest challenge yet!

As is only natural for a Pixar film, the animation is flawless and intricate. Tiny details in almost every shot speak volumes of the dedication and skill shown by the Pixar team in their latest masterpiece and The Incredibles II is littered with countless easter eggs and throwbacks as treats for the fans who know their Pixar movies back to front, and the more times you watch the film the more you will pick up on every subtle hint.

The only criticism I have for the film is the reuse of the old plot. You would think that if you had fourteen years you would be able to write a new and compelling story instead of reusing the same basic principles from the first movie. While the familiarity lets you slip easily into the film as a whole even after such a long time since The Incredibles, the direction of the movie is quickly and easily deduced, heavily reducing the emotional impact of the revelations.

The Incredibles 2 is however still an amazing film and well worth the watch by just about everyone, regardless of if you have children or if you fell in love with the first flick. So rush on down for a truly Incredible experience and remember, you can never, ever, have enough Pop Culture.

As always, Happy Watching everyone.


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