The Meg

The Meg

The Meg, Megalodon, Jason Statham, Shark

Grab your swimmers and get ready to dive into The Meg! A combination of Shark Week and Godzilla, The Meg is a movie adaptation of a novel of the same name. Catering to moviegoers of all kinds, The Meg has a little of everything. The film is fast paced and packed with action, and for the fans of Jaws, the first act follows the queues left by Steven Spielberg closely. The tension of the film is ratcheted up expertly as entire shark attack scenes carry themselves out without even a glimpse at the prehistoric monster! As for those of you who only came to see Jason Statham doing Jason Statham Things, there are plenty of smooth talking, tough-guy, shirtless scenes to go around.

The Meg is rooted in an Almost-Earth setting where they ask the question “what if an underwater ecosystem was kept separate from the rest of the ocean?”. Apparently, the answer to that question is Big Sharks. After disturbing the creature in it’s Garden of Eden eleven thousand meters deep, a team of scientists is forced to deal with the consequences of it following them home. This enormous monster wreaks havoc in the vulnerable surface layers of the ocean by destroying boats devouring whole crews with ease. After a huge twist in the climax of the second act, the stakes are raised even higher as the Megalodon threatens Sanya Bay, one of the most densely packed beaches in the world. Resolved to end the enraged killing machine’s run, the team of scientists gears up for the fight of their lives.

As far as the horror goes, The Meg does a wonderful job of building tension and raising the stakes. However, no matter how much tension they build, no matter how high the stakes are, the PG-13 rating leaves it feeling more like a Whale Shark than a Great White on steroids as it lacks any real teeth. The bark is a lot worse than the bite in The Meg. The action does live up to expectations on the other hand, with Jason Statham living up to his own hype. The only thing more impressive and dangerous than punching The Rock in the face is punching a Megalodon and yet, Jason finds a way. The Meg will keep you on the edge of your seat for with underwater chase scenes, Shark on Boat violence and enough fast swimming to shame the Olympics.

The Meg managed to blow all expectations out of the water with a huge Box Office weekend, taking in $44 Million in the American domestic market and another $97 Million worldwide. If nothing else, The Meg is one worth seeing as a break from the litany of Cape movies flooding the market so make sure you get down to your local Cinema and catch it before it gets away.

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