Tom Cruise to Play Green Lantern!

All reports at this stage point to Tom Cruise being the man set to step into Ryan Reynold's shoes and portray DC’s Green Lantern. The only thing stopping him from accepting his next impossible mission, to make Hal Jordan cool again, is the current script from Warner Brothers.

According to sources the current script calls for the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, to be killed off by the end of the movie. Cruise, however, has supposedly shot down that idea, apparently unwilling to play the role if it's only going to last a single movie. This is a great sign that the talented actor sees a lot of potential in the character.

Tom has managed to pump out six box office smash hits with his Mission Impossible movies so his seal of approval is a good start. We can only hope this confidence in the character means Warner Brothers have the makings of a film to rival their Disney and Marvel counterparts, and I can finally admit I'm a huge fan of the Lanterns again without being shamed in the streets!

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