Cancel that Doctor’s appointment, it’s time to get out there and get to know the best Parasite you’ll ever meet! Venom has hit a cinema near you and is a hell of a ride. The movie follows Eddie Brock as he deals with love, life and a nasty case of alien infection. Critically the movie is a total mess, mixing themes and ideas into a mess just as gooey as the symbiotes it depicts. As far as an entertaining piece of Cinema is concerned, however, Venom is a home run. It is inelegant, and the CGI leaves much to be desired but there are more than a few genuinely delightful scenes sprinkled throughout and leaves the universe open for a huge number of possibilities.

Eddie Brock is a semi-successful journalist, who has recently moved from New York out to San Francisco. Driven by his desire to put terrible people on show for the public to see, Eddie crosses billionaire Carlton Drake. As a result, Eddie sees himself fired and drags his fiance down with him causing her to (justifiably) break things off with him. Six months later Eddie is in dire straits and after hitting rock bottom he is encouraged to re-open his investigation into Carlton Drake. While in the process of breaking into Drake’s facility Eddie is invaded by a Symbiote that calls itself Venom. Eddie is forced to learn how to live with this creature inside of him while he’s being ruthlessly hunted by Carlon Drake who is desperate to get his Symbiote back.

Venom attempts to explore a wide range of themes, dabbling mostly in comedy and horror. Sony’s unwillingness to commit to a genre, however, is ultimately harmful to the movie, or so the film snobs say. There are sections where it feels like you’re watching a completely different movie to what was on the screen only 5 minutes ago, and some of the direction changes can be a little jarring however in other instances the addition of humor in the moments you’re least expecting them actually help to reinforce their hilarity. It’s easy to see Marvel’s touch in Venom as the film builds tension to its limit, only to be suddenly be broken by a punchline.

Venom himself is a delightfully fun character. Filled with a strange mix of British politeness and cannibalistic rage, it is interesting getting to watch Venom evolve through the course of the movie. Just as interesting though is getting to watch Eddie Brock change his own personality slowly to better match his murderous counterpart. It will be interesting to see where they get to by the time of the sequel (yes one has been hinted at already and if they follow through, I am so there!).

All in all, Venom was a hugely entertaining film and I would strongly recommend getting out there to see it as soon as you can. While it’s not particularly deep, it is great fun to just sit back and, just like Eddie Brock does, let the Symbiote carry you on a wild road. That and Venom is great to learn how to be a better wingman… Go out and have fun, we certainly did. And no eating people! Remember folks, your life is always better filled with Popculture.

Happy Watching Everyone!

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